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  1. Ryan says:

    I have lost the key to the Canada Post mailbox corresponding to a condo I own in a strata building in DT Vancouver. The other day while the Postman was delivering mail and had opened up the ‘big door’ for my section of mailboxes, I was able to see individual numbers (all different) on the backside of each lock contained within my ‘section’ of boxes. I made double sure that each and every lock had a unique number so this led me to believe that perhaps a key can be ordered (cut) using the number on my individual lock. Is this the case? If so, the number of the lock on my box is H4901 . Can a key be made from just this number alone? Thanks in advance – Ryan

    • Lockpicker says:

      Hi Ryan,
      I have run the code number that you have given us and it does come up. We should be able to cut you a key from the number. We do not however guarentee keys cut buy code.

  2. Just out of interest, what is your policy on losing keys to electro-mechanical locks (if you provide them) on the basis of re-entry to the related building.

    • Lockpicker says:

      What type of electromechanical locks are you speaking of, first off. The likelyhood is that we would disable the lost key and have the system administrator issue a new one to the individual.

  3. Brad says:

    I have a 1997 Ford Ranger, lost my only key. The key for the door is the same for the ignition which to me seems like you just need to make another key for the door and I will be set….how much will this cost if I get you to come out during daytime hours?

    • Lockpicker says:

      If you give us a call in the office, we would be happy to give you an estimated price once we have all the details. Location and condition make a diffrence when talking about pricing.

      You are somewhat correct in thinking that the door and ignition are the same key, however, the vehicle has an 8-cut system, each of the locks use many but not all of the cuts on the key. So making a key to the door does not mean it will work in the ignition. We can however help.

      Thanks for your question.

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